Thursday, September 18, 2008

My God, It's Full of Stars

So, Tuesday was a big day here. We got a bed.

I had managed to speak with Bethy and get our plan in place: she would be heading east after dropping the children at school, probably arriving here in Orleans about the time my early afternoon appointments were to conclude. In fact, that's exactly how it worked out.

Now, there was one minor wrinkle to the day, which actually occurred late the night before, when I awoke in the wee hours and, trying to put my glasses on, somehow managed to poke myself in the eye - pretty hard - with them, instead.

The only thing worse than actually hurting yourself is doing so in a way that makes you feel pretty stupid, as well as hurt. You'd think after putting on...and taking off...glasses for nearly forty years, I'd have it down to a science...and honestly, I thought so before the other night, too. But somehow, jab.

I went to my eye Doc first thing Tuesday morning, with one blurry eye. He took a look and advised me there was a definite dimple on my eyeball, but fortunately, no tearing or ripping, so at least I didn't harm myself too seriously. He suggests this will actually take care of it itself in a few days time.

So, with one blurry eye and one good eye, I went through the day and really, with all the good going on, a little blurry vision was hardly a huge concern. Beth arrived more or less right on schedule and there was a great jumping about, squealing and so on when we saw one another...which you'd have thought we hadn't done in YEARS...but still, that's what friends are all about.

We began our visit with a nice long lunch at the restaurant and then took the party home to get the business of sliding the mattress and box spring upstairs to the deck.

That went surprisingly well, and then we got back to the silly business of laughing and giggling about things past, and chortling and chuckling about recent adventures...and then just roaring with laughter about new things...well, surely you all have friends like this, so you must know how it goes.

After we thought we'd exhausted all that, we drove across town, since I was insistant that Bethy be sure to see the Atlantic after driving all the way from Connecticut, and she had no real problem with that plan.

That we forgot to take the string and bungees off the roof rack from the boxspring only gave us a good reason to stop at the Rock Harbor boat launch first, where we got to see Cape Cod Gray in its natural environment.

And then it was off across town, where we found the Atlantic tide on the rise and the water temperature reasonable enough to take off our shoes and get our feet and jeans a little wet. And we found, as good friends do, plenty more to talk about.

When we'd had our fill of shoreline cavorting and just sitting watching the amazing sky, we headed back to town and found a homemade ice cream shop, where we each enjoyed overly-large Cake Butter ice cream cones, in chocolate and colored-sprinkle-dipped sugar cones in their outdoor garden.

Ah, what fun it was to spend some time together, and how we look forward to doing it again soon...all too soon, Bethy was heading back to CT and the briars of the working day world.

But the cat and I are both grateful for the addition of an actual bed to our environment. We have slept especially well the last two evenings...and in his case, lots of the rest of the time, as well.

You can also see what I've been doing to the bedroom walls here...adding an assortment of different sized stars, just as I did in my last bedroom. I found it to be a real fun and relaxing look at the last place, so I'm happy to have adapted that scheme to this location, with some different background colors. This room's just about finished, which will be the key to getting more progress in the rest of the apartment.


dykewife said...

did you use glow in the dark paint for the stars? that would be so rockin' cool! i <3 glowing stars and have lots in my room from a plastic set hanging from my overhead light and glowing stickers on some of my decorator things.

babs said...

I heart sprinkles and cake batter ice cream.

And the wall treatments look good. With the stars.

And the Badun blur on the bed. :).


Greg said...

Dykewife, the stars so far have been done strictly with plain old white paint...but I do hope to get me some glow in the dark stars for the ceiling before long.

Having them on the last bedroom ceiling sort of inspired the wall treatment, but I do think I may try to recreate an actual constellation or two on the ceiling this time.

Babs, "the Badum blur on the bed"?!? That's the least he's moved all week! ; )

tornwordo said...

I really dig the paint job.

Greg said...

Thanks, Rick!

Birdie said...

Am I the only one to recognize your headline is from the best movie ever made?

I am jealous that you can unwind on the shore. It's what I miss most about my hometown in Florida. When I win the lottery, I'm taking a road trip to visit my blog buddies; and I fully expect a trip to the Massachusetts beach. Someday.

(Simon & Garfunkel on the playlist. They're my first love affair with music.)

Greg said...

Well, Birdie, you are the first to mention the movie, anyway!! ; )

Look forward to sharing one of our Cape beaches with you sometime after that lottery win!

Java said...

I love the bedroom walls! It looks great with paint on the walls and a real bed! What about Badum? How does he like the wall treatment? I know how he likes the bed. That's obvious!

Sorry you tried to poke your eye out. I hope it heals quickly.

Greg said...

Java, and not a Red Ryder BB Gun in sight, neither!

Badum is keeping his own counsel about the walls, no doubt waiting to see where the grand tribute to Himself will be...

; )

Anonymous said...

I was just reading you when Dario came up behind me and saw your bedroom wall. "Ohhhhh!", he said ... "I want MY bedroom just like that! It's beautiful!" That paint job is beyond my skill level, but I think this weekend we'll be looking for stars to paste up."

It's lovely, Greg.


Anonymous said...

Totally sorry about the eye! Crap happens. I broke my arm tripping (and landing) on a floor pillow.

Your paint job is fantab. I love the stars too. Keep us updated please on the whole painting thing, etc.

babs said...

Okay, I had to google "Oh my god, it's full of stars" because I didn't recognize it as 2001 'cause I've never seen it. But that makes sense as a title. And my movie holes do happen.

And Badun had only slightly moved just an inch. :).

And you have Kaye's "Inchworm" on your soundtrack. It's one of the things that I sing or think about when trying to sleep. The replication of the times tables kinda helps. I thank the muppets for knowing the song of course.

Anonymous said...

"...and there was a great jumping about..." Interesting pictures in my mind are fluttering around seeing you jump about. ;-)

I must say that I am VERY impressed with the way that your bedroom turned out. Both the colors and the stars accentuate each other well. I have not been the type to have that "flair" when it comes to home decorating and I guess it just comes to making that jump, er leap. ;-)