Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rainy Daze

As it was so many places in the Northeast, yesterday on Cape Cod was all about the rain. It's funny, how much more accepting of the rain I was when I had a nice big garden to benefit from the watering. Of course, that'll be the case again before long...but for now, the rain was just an annoyance, a difficulty in the day, the cause of perpetually wet sneakers.

Since my injured eye continues to be slower than expected in its recovery, my eye doc sent me off for a second opinion, which meant half an hour's ride through the heavy rains in plenty of traffic. Since the blurry vision in that eye also seems to be a sort of mental trigger encouraging me to want to sleep, the driving was a bit of a challenge. Happy to say I am still here.

This second doc has prescribed me a variety of drops, as well as some nighttime goop, to help heal my eye. In addition to the abrasion, which is healing, I also have something called corneal dystrophy, which she likened to being similar to when the grout that holds your tile in place loosens up...except of course, we're talking about my FREAKING eye.

And also, ironically, I have dry eyes...which just seems like final proof of the uselessness of the emotional tears, which have been in abundance the last few weeks, but seem to be tapering off a little lately (most of what remains may probably be attributed to the Nicodemon's little tantrums--after all, it's now been 71 days, 7 hours, 17 minutes and 53 seconds!!!).

Anyway, hopefully all that will help my vision to clear up as things heal. Meanwhile, the rain let up for a little while as I was headed home from work last night and although I wanted to get home to see what I could of the Debate, I also was happy to pause at Rock Harbor for a few minutes and stand out in the fresh sea air and snap a photo or two.

Once I was home and had some dinner, I stenciled a few leaves onto the living room walls, before settling down to call it a night. It's starting to look pretty cool...I wonder what I'll be able to accomplish on Sunday, my next day off.

Meanwhile, tomorrow, the laundromat calls me on the way to work...and it will be a full evening at work as we host a Comedy Night fundraiser for the local Pop Warner Football. There's someone billed as a "sports comedian" there'll either be jokes about football (oh, yay...), or perhaps its his delivery of the material that's athletic; we'll see.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure I'd remembered to tell you that the cool ceiling light fixture in the living room does indeed work, though I will be picking up a little putty to tighten up the loose light sockets. Just a utilitarian bulb in there now, as I work on the painting, but will be in the market for something a little more interesting later on.

There's a break in the Raining just now, though it appears that may be our theme for much of the next week. Tomorrow, we are to be enjoying some more storminess, as Tropical Storm (possibly by then, hurricane) Kyle will be passing by us, hopefully safely east of our location.

Fingers crossed.


Java said...

The news about your eye is somewhat distressing. Are the new drops and the goop supposed to fix it? Is all this damage due to just that poke in the eye, or was there some damage before that?

I love the way the living room walls are progressing.

Greg said...

It sounds like the corneal dystrophy may have been an issue already, and is behind the delay in my eye's repairing hopefully this will all help with that healing.

Not buying any distress yet. All this shall pass, and meanwhile, thanks about the walls--I'm enjoying the way its going.

tornwordo said...

I love the wall. You should be feeling kyle about now. I hope the goop works wonders!

TigerYogiji said...

An eye is nothing to screw around with, so please rest it as much as you can!

It looks like your place is really starting to shape up! :)

somewhere joe said...

Glad your eye is healing. You've had your share of trauma and shake-up these weeks.

I'm noticeably more accident prone when I'm in emotional turmoil... especially when I'm trying to suppress anger or resentment.

The living room is lookin' good, Greg, love the whimsy. You're a talented artist.

Bird said...

"...or perhaps its his delivery of the material that's athletic; we'll see..." LOL!!!!

On a different note, I hope that eye of yours is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Just don't put any CFL's in that ceiling light fixture! AACCKK!! Your artistic talent is really starting to show through the painting you're doing. I'll start a blogger campaign to raise money for a new laptop for you. But I need to do the same with all my photos on the computer and take them off and put them on cards, DVDs and flash drives.