Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday's Gardens

I wanted to show you a little of the detail from my work on the living room walls. I was really pleased with the tiny purple flowers down near the baseboard.

A very important accomplishment today: I finally got myself over to Orleans Town Hall and made sure that I was registered to vote here in town...and learned where the polling place is, too.

Don't we have a nice looking town hall? I learned this year that Orleans is one of 3,310 communities designed as a Tree City USA. Here are the criteria for the designation.

After I'd tended my business inside, I poked around with my camera, enjoying the grounds a little. There was some beautiful blue and purple cranesbill (aka, perennial geranium) blooming just outside the front doors.

It's possible it's looked better than it did today at this end of the long growing season, but that didn' t stop this bee from visiting as I snapped my photo.

There was something about this big patch of clover in the lawn that really tickled me...or would've, if I'd actually stopped to roll around in it...but hey, I just moved to town, a little decorum can't be a bad thing.

I stopped at Friends Market today. I was getting something for lunch, but also looking to bring a little fall flower color to what was mostly a gray and dismal autumn day.

I sure love these red and rusty chrysanthemums.

I also noticed they've got some pansies on special. I thought about picking some up, but I want to make sure they are at the beginning of their lifecyle and will continue to bloom through the winter (or at least resume when the winter passes). It sure is nice to have some of those cheery little faces around.

The sun did make a veiled appearance at the end of the day. Here's a shot of the sky from the deck earlier this evening.

Tonight, I discovered that the door to the deck, which appeared to have been long-ago painted white, really only had some sort of residue on it from being exposed to the elements.

Once I started rubbing it with some polishing oil, the white film vanished and the door's frame turned a nice chestnut color...a great contrast with the peachy-orange dining room walls.

Tonight I also decided that the pair of snapdragons needed a little context for their frivolity, so I painted these flower silhouettes onto the walls.

I swear, these are the last elements I'm adding to the walls. The next step will be taping off the radiators and woodwork, so I can do the final sponge coat of the top color of the room.


lostlandscape said...

Wow--are those trees with red leaves on them? Fall must be here. We usually only see red on most tree species when they're on fire...

But it's nice to see the flowers still going at it for one last fling--maybe it's fall but don't even think of winter...

And yes, the town hall looks quietly staid--perfect for New England.

Bird said...

I LOVE the colours in these pictures, and I second lostlandscapes amazement at how the seasons are changing fast. I need to go for a walk in Epping Forest!

Java said...

What a lovely visit around town! Love all the fall colors in the flowers and trees. I like those spiky green flower silhouettes under the dragonflies. Glad you got registered to vote!

Robin Easton said...

WOW!! I think this is one of the most lovely posts you've ever done. I sat here with my mouth hanging open. I find it untterly magical what you are doing with the walls and baseboards. They are breathlessly beautiful. Greg, you are truly a creative person in everything you do. Everything! the life in you just spills out around you. And what you wrote about the clover moved me to tears. So precious. You are still as an adult so alive inside. It is very heartening for me to see that in a fellow human being.

I also love the bee, so clear. And the red leaves I miss so much. I grew up in Maine as I've told you and now live in the southwest and although the aspen are so lovely I miss the flamboyant color of New England.

The dragonflies are just sooooooo magical I can hardly stand it. You are giving me ideas for when I build a home. I hope to one day build a straw bale house with adobe covering.

I know I keep saying this but I am so proud of you and so happy that you settling in. You are a very brave and shining spirit, Greg. Never forget that.

Butch said...

Glad to see the dragonflies added to your wall art. This entry was definitely a very autumny colourful one!

Patrick said...

I think decorum is over-rated. But you knew that. Still, maybe it's better not to have the constabulary dropping a net on you just after registering to vote. I love the idea of the walls as visual journal! That makes them even more like cave painting, it seems to me. It's all coming together so beautifully. Getting the crow in flight is impressive; you chose a very difficult angle, and executed it just right. I can't wait to see finished work (and yes, I will be happy to help).
I think I might have to start some sort of visual journal of my own, though maybe not on the walls of my apartment. That idea is really captivating me this morning.

babs said...

Love the fall trees and the trees you've painted on your walls.

And in general.

And the pumpkins.

Might be time to put the red leaf on my desktop.