Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

This coneflower rudbeckia was apparently a new seedling in the Harwich garden, as it was only just coming into bloom last week when I went back to move a few plants. That was all the encouragement I needed to pot it up and bring it along on the adventure.

Same goes for this chrysanthemum, which is just now sporting buds. Both of these, as well as the coreopsis seen in the background above were planted just outside my new front door, alongside the driveway...not far from that pink rose hedge.

Sunday was a rainy day, though not as much of a rain-out as Saturday had been. It was a day off for me...the first true one since the move and I spent most of the day painting in the bedroom. Still, there was a break in the showers around noontime and while the clouds lingered throughout the day, I couldn't resist a little ramble around to explore the new yard a little more closely.

Here's a shot of the nest from the back yard, the deck-balcony clearly visible.

Found a nice stand of goldenrod at the back of the property. I just love this stuff, it's bright yellow festooning our days just as other plants start to think about winding down for the season. It's always a nice flash of gold on a gray September day.

I also wandered over to the gardens at the property next door. They are primarily summer residents, so it was cool to be able to walk around in their yard without feeling like an intruder. Pretty gardens, too.

Ah, but it's the painting you'll want to hear about...and I will admit that this was one of those parts of the project where I wasn't sure it was going to come out as I'd imagined...and it took a lot of control not to second guess myself, as I began applying crazy, curly-edged flaring stripes of the purple Field Of Heather over the base coat of Cape Cod Gray, which is sort of a blue-green, turned a little more greeny by the close proximity of the purple tones for contrast.

I wanted the vertical stripes, to give the room a little more feeling of height, but the curly edges soften the rigidness of the stripes...plus making them uneven in size and flared a bit toward the ceiling also gives the room a slight illusion of being a little bigger than it is. All justification, when really, I got the idea for the un-uniform stripes by considering the idea of being inside a flower blossom.

Anyway, once the whole room was done and dried, I liked the look a lot more. There's a sort of whimsical "Dr. Seuss designed me some wallpaper" look to it that I think is sort of comforting for a sleeping room...and anyway, this is just stage two. I think you'll like it when it's closer to finished, as I am liking it more and more as I continue to work on it.

As the weekend drew to a close, we prepared to welcome the latest full moon. Here's a shot of it from the deck/balcony, as the wind drew thin wispy clouds quickly across it's face.

(Yes, I'm still running a little behind here. There's more of the painting project, and other household news to share, but we can leave that as a comfortable source of suspense until next time, eh?)


dykewife said...

I saw the full moon last night when we were coming out of the restaurant. it was just above the city buildings, reflecting the orangish colour of the sunset and looking larger than it does overhead. it was quiet beautiful.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

I just heard 'Que Sera Sera' on your play-list, wow, I have not heard that one since the last of the dinosaurs died!

The moon was beautiful last night and it is kind of cool to think all we bloggers, saw the same beauty all over North America.

tornwordo said...

I like the dr seuss wallpaper idea. It reminds me of when I painted the zigzag stripe around my vw bus and dubbed it the charliebrown bus.

Greg said...

Dykewife, I have some photos of the full moon rising over the marsh the other night. I'm always so sad that it looks SO much bigger, until I take my photos and make it seem small again.

Steven, I've been listing to that song all summer...but it is one of those golden oldies...

Torn, I love the CW bus idea--how did that not make your 100 list?!?! You must have a photo somewhere, eh?

lostlandscape said...

Nice to see life coming along on not-not-Wisteria Lane (do the double negatives make it Wisteria Lane?). I think I'm liking your paintjob more and more. It screams that a creative type lives in the folds of the walls' petals. My day job happens to be in the library that hold the Theodore Seuss Geisel archives, so we get to see lots of Seuss stuff displayed around. It's always interesting to see the good doctor's influence...