Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last Weekend...And This.

Last weekend, you may recall, I went off to Chatham for an afternoon, touring along Main Street and enjoying the sense of anticipation that was building in the crowd for the arrival of the Budweiser Clydesdales. It was a beautiful day, I had a wonderful time and discovered a lot of lovely late season gardens to share with you all, as well as the horses.

I also discovered later than day that I'd reached my upload limit at Blogger, and was unable to share those photos with you. It's been a long week, and surely you've moved on to other things, but I finally had the chance to put together a slideshow of some of those great images...which I present to you here...while I'm off having a completely different weekend.

I hope your weekend turns out to be everything you hope for and more. Here in the United States, it's Columbus Day; in Canada, it's Thanksgiving.

Whatever your occasion and however you are celebrating, I wish you beautiful days, warm and memorable evenings and so many smiles that your face hurts a little by Monday!


Anonymous said...

What? You were in Chatham and didn't get a photo of the wind profiler RADAR system that's there?

As an amateur radio operator I know you can't run on certain frequencies (The 70cm band) when you're near that baby.

Dantallion said...

Hope you have a great weekend on the cape!

lostlandscape said...

My workplace swapped Cesar Chavez for Columbus, so we get multiple days off next month, but not tomorrow. I think there were discussions of cultural imperialism and all that. I'm cool with the extra holidays later on. But you need yours as long as the weather's cooperating. Hopefully it's a good one for you!

Bird said...

Hope you had a good weekend! Last weekend's pics are great, and remind me that I'm about....oooh, six months behind when it comes to weekend posts :D By the way, I wrote a little something about your blog over at my place :)

Butch said...

Many thanks and to you as well.

Java said...

You're making me crazy, man.