Sunday, May 22, 2005

Good Work

Ah, a nice day. No pics, though, as I was hard at work getting some serious weeding and planting done before nightfall and the coming week's fresh round of rain and wind (A new nor'easter comes our way Tuesday, as we continue to see cooler than average temperatures!).

Added a pair of Jacob Cline red beebalm to one of the beds, as well as a small lavendar, and a curry plant. Beyond that, I'll confess to working with some annuals. Just can't resist those tall African marigolds for filling in the scene with some thickness and height, and bright blossoms when others are lacking! Some of those in orange, and another sixpack of mixed colors. Snapdragons are always fun, and in the right location, I've found them to perennialize nicely, so some red and white rockets have found a home out there as well. Next was some Salvia farinacea for something from the cooler side of the color wheel.

As I planted, I fine-weeded areas I've already gone through and taken out grass by the clump...being careful of other things that pre-exist in the area...some thyme, an as yet unknown herb mounds, as well as an assortment of what may well be goldenrod or feverfew...narrow leaves in the usual cluster. Time will tell as they fill out and rise toward the Sun.

Recently a friend at work told me of a friend who'd discovered old plantings of a cold-hearty orange tree (more of a shrub here), that featured long dangerous looking spines along it's branches. I was happily surprised to find one of those in THIS garden. Amazing what you can find after leaves have emerged! Anyway...that's in the section next to be weeded, not far from the cluster of rhubarb. There were some smaller marigolds (in this size, I prefer the single flowered variety, but I'm not afraid of hot colors!) waiting in the greenhouse, so they found homes in the ground, as well as a sixpack of white dianthus, which I hope will be very happy and come back year after year in assorted locations.

Finished off my work in the area (for today, at least) with planting some Mammoth Sunflower seeds here and there (also some in the greenhouse, as back-ups), and will try to get back tomorrow to add some bachelor button and cosmos seeds.

Also worked on a red, white and blue themed planter for Memorial Day, for the partial shade of the living room deck. An overwintered asparagus fern is the anchor, with red zonal geraniums, white impatiens, and a lovely blue lobelia. Should be nice...but can't wait for some nice warm temps to help things really get their Grow on.

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