Thursday, June 14, 2007

An Evening Garden

It was nice to be home early enough this evening, despite the long day, since there's so much going on in the garden this week. Here's another towering clump of dark purple foxgloves, just upslope from the garden shed. They seem quite happy there, as you can see.

Not far away, another flavor of sweet william is heard from. This one fascinates me, since a close inspection shows it to be a sort of raspberry and gray variation, but my eyes read the colors, at a cursory glance, as something closer to red, white and blue. Anyway...they're pretty as heck.

Every now and then I find one of these garden snails sliming over something in the garden. They aren't too frequent, as visitors go, so I'm hesitant to destroy them...especially with such a pretty shell. I do, however, usually pick them off of the plant they're on and give them a fling. This guy got removed to the path, where we had a little photo session first.

I'm happy to report that all three of the tiger lilies planted so recently are making up for lost time and bursting up through the ground today. They are still a little pale from their time in transit, but it's nice to see them responding so quickly to their planting.

It was still pretty chilly tonight, as evidenced by the sleepy way this bumblebee was exploring over this pink clover blossom.

By the way, the pink clover has really spread nicely through the first garden bed out back. The top three reasons why they are welcome: 1) Great flowerheads, 2) Thumper George thinks they're yummy, and 3) while they're looking pretty, they're also fixing some nitrogen in the soil.

Another subtle variation on the pink columbine has appeared at the feet of the foxglove shown above.

And in the field of foxglove, check out this pale lavendar beauty, a nice variation on the purples and magentas.

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