Friday, June 15, 2007

Sunny Friday

Finally, this morning, our wave of autumn-like weather came to an end as the sun returned and temperatures climbed.

These hawkweed flowers began blooming today, like the sun came down to earth. Look at the way it glows beneath this butterfly, one of many who were suddenly fluttering around the back garden today.

I let these guys grow where they will for the most part. I'll admit that sometimes there's a place they don't belong, but they do offer some nice yellow flowers and are important in the greater food chain, so I always make sure that some are missed by mowers and weeding hands.

In the front garden bed, this single white siberian iris is blooming near the base of the lamp post.

And here's a nicer picture of our first rose blossom, shown off properly in some lovely morning sunshine. Oh, how I wish you could smell it!!

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