Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Nauset Adventure

Rarely am I so happy to discover that the weatherman has been wrong, but as regards the forecast for today (cloudy, possible showers, generally dull): woo hoo!! Wrong wrong wrong!! Bright sunshine, light breeze, warm temperatures...and just as an extra bonus, the first blossoms of peony in our garden spread their petals and scented the air.

I also captured this decent shot of this particular variety of dianthus, which looks like red velvet with its rich colored and patterned petals. I've been trying for a few days to catch this one. It's a little extra special, it seems.

It was a great day for Heather's visit and after catching up and strolling through the garden, we headed out onto the Cape Cod Rail Trail, recently re-opened after renovations and repaving. I've always enjoyed the trail and it was fun to get back out there again.

Here's a lovely hedge of beach roses we found blooming alongside the trail, near the road to Marconi Beach as we headed to the trail's terminus in South Wellfleet.

Had I mentioned what a gorgeous day it was? Check out this sky.

After a visit to Ben and Jerry's for the season's first ice cream cone (I highly recommend the new flavor Creme Brulee), we turned to the east and biked over to the Crumbling Cliffs of Nauset, at Nauset Light Beach.

Plenty of people were taking advantage of the day...including wet-suited surfers a-plenty (and one seal!) bobbing off shore, waiting for that perfect wave.

We did walk along the water's edge for a while, playing chicken with the icy surf, until our feet went numb, which frankly, wasn't all that long. Still, the sand was warm, and we sat and enjoyed the remainder of the afternoon, watching some sturdy little kids play along the water's edge as the tide went out.


We even found a fellow New York state person to take a photo of us on the stairs as we left! (The piratey face was unintentional, but inescapable: man, was the sun in my eye!)

What a great day it is. Here's a parting shot of the Atlantic with beach roses. If you look to the left, you can see that flock (??) of surfers.

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