Sunday, July 01, 2007


Evening found us ren
ing with some friends at a barbecue before heading down into the marsh behind Rock Harbor for the fireworks display.

The marsh gave us a nice clear view of the fireworks, without being down in the thick of the crowds on the beach and the parking area. Fortunately, there were some nice breezes that confounded the efforts of local insects to spoil the evening.

There was too much cloud cover to be in any way certain about identifying stars, but this was shining bright enough that I'm pretty sure it was one of the two planets who've been dancing together in our western skies lately.

Although it always seems to take too long, in time the show got underway and we had a great time.

In fact, an impromptu survey suggested that this was the closest many of us had been to fireworks in years.

Love the after image of the smoke behind this jumble of purple fire.

Here's a composite of some of my better shots from the evening!

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