Saturday, July 21, 2007

Flowers To Read By

So, I read "Harry Potter" (still no spoilers!)until nearly six a.m., and then napped for a few hours before resuming the reading with plenty of coffee.

Yes, I did take a break, though, so I could visit the garden and get ready for work.

Here's a lychnis flower (looking just a little ragged) showing off in front of our beautiful pink hydrangeas on the south-western side of the house.

Now, here's a surprise: this must've snuck in with the sixpacks of pink snapdragons, as I'm pretty sure I didn't mean to purchase any white. Obviously I should have.

Another of these fabulous cream-colored blossoms from one of the three "Joan Senior" daylilies who've been blooming their little hearts out this past week.

In another part of the forest, this ringed rudbeckia is blooming in the ferns around the back of the house.

The hydrangeas are really coming into their own, with their colors deepening as the past week has progressed. I'm trying to keep them well-watered (it's kind of a dry spot, though they are well-established), so their gorgeous blossoms will last a little longer than last year.

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