Wednesday, August 15, 2007

3 Random Photos

1.) Another heron moment on our pond this afternoon.

I'm told in Florida all herons -- blue and white--are known to the Old Timers as "Old Joe", which amuses me no end. I consider saying something like "I seen ole Joe down to the pond before." to see how it sounds.

Yah, I like that.

2.) Rock Harbor afternoon.

3.) One of the new class: this frog is one of a number who've made their way across the wild woods from the Big Pond, recently arrived to seek their fortunes on the foreign shores of our little plastic fish pond. I think it must be the sound of the waterfall that draws them when the Rain comes.

1 comment:

gustavo said...

Hi Greg. You will have visit to Chile. (espero se escriba asi). My country is beautifull, you will take picture of dessert, o snow, you have that come here to look valle de la luna, and desierto florido. In this oportunity excuse me for mi english.