Wednesday, August 15, 2007


The march of summer is becoming evident in the fading blossoms of hydrangea outside the kitchen door. Here, they enjoy a new context, with the blooming of some neighboring garden phlox.

In the Orchard Garden, the wild phlox continues to bloom, as well.

Another round of orange butterfly flowers have opened this week (to the delight of the monarchs, who I see flitting here and there often lately), not far from this combination of garden phlox and evening primrose.

A late shasta daisy blossom lingers.

I didn't notice these bees when I moved in for the closeup on the largest of the Queen Anne's Lace flowers (it's really like two dozen flowers, actually...), so they were a surprise when I was preparing for this post.

That yellow jackety guy seems to be just coming in for a landing.

A second flower show from one of those rosey red snapdragons.

The first of the beefsteak tomatoes is beginning to get some color. Ah, what a lovely sandwich that will make sometime next week.

Another post-photographic discovery moment here, when I spotted what I think might be an aphid on this lychnis flower. Will have to have a closer look sometime soon to review the situation.

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