Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sweet Lily of August

Soft, what beauty awaits on this first morn of August? 'Tis the sweet Casa Blanca lily, come to grace the garden for a few days with its regal bearing and heavenly scent.

We worship accordingly.

Some of the dianthus are making a return show after a good dead head ing. Love this one, a lighter hue of red, almost salmon in some's very near a larger patch of deep maroon dianthus, and I almost giggle as I think of how nice it will look when they've grown into one another.

These little yellow coreopsis are some of the now-many offspring of a pair of side root cuttings I took from a plant where we lived in Wellfleet.

I've kept dividing it as we moved here and there, and so there's all different bits of it throughout the garden beds, each growing into a nice planting as it mingles around other things.

It's growing so nicely, I will continue to transplant side shoots to new locations to spread the yellow around. As long as you deadhead these guys, they'll just keep blooming and blooming. Who doesn't love that?

Oh, and did I show you these fabulous lilies? I promise, a new angle tomorrow.

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