Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here's some fresh tiny yellow flowers from a random stalk of St. John's wort.

Down at the bottom of the garden, I spied this young frog hopping here and there in the morning dew.

I've noticed recently that on overcast days, the bumblebees are sluggish, or in this case, sort of disabled. I'd like to think they're just enjoying the summer weather, but I admit they worry me sometimes. With the honeybee population so troubled, we're relying on the bumbles more than we think these days.

Here's a classy shot of some purple and white oregano twining together. This interests me, since there used to only be the one stand of oregano, but this year there's more white in this different place in the garden.

Happened to catch this tiny bee coming in for a landing on this new cosmos blossom this morning. It was an overcast day, as I mentioned, and seemed for much of the day like it was about to rain.

This painted coreopsis (I think that's what this is) has popped up in Owen's wildflower patch.

This particular windowbox of pansies is responding nicely to a recent deadheading. There's another one I'm not including the photo of; it looks as though I'll need to pick out something to plant in there to keep us going through August and September...some impatiens, maybe.

The sun made an appearance late in the afternoon, and we had what looked like a pretty nice sunset...which may have actually come together before the fog started sliding in over us.

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