Thursday, August 23, 2007

We'd already had a little bit of rain when I went outside this morning. I noticed right off that one of the herons was on the pond. It spotted me trying to photograph it and flew to a more secluded part of the pond.

I did not follow, opting instead to wander back for this shot of the back garden.

But I almost had a much more interesting photo. As I waited for the camera to get itself loaded up (always a sign the batteries need a recharge...), I heard wings flapping behind and over me...and looked up to see a pair of herons flying by, wing to wing.

One of the herons flew directly over me, and fortunately it was Old's Joe's wingman who decided to "empty the tanks" as they went by, releasing a magnificent splat that fell to the ground on the path not six feet from where I stood.

In the time all that had taken, the camera was ready to go...and now you understand why this photo seems like a bit of an anti-climax.

Right after the heron fly-by, the rain resumed and so the rest of my pictures today were taken on the way to work, including this picture of our little pond in the rain.

The rain and fog hangs heavy over First Encounter Marsh.

Boat Creek Marsh, Eastham.

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