Saturday, September 08, 2007

Castles in the Sand

We re-join the Eastham Windmill Weekend activities late this afternoon, at First Encounter Beach, for the kind of fun the pilgrims and natives just never imagined when first they did that encountering here: a Sand Art contest!

First, let me say that I am a long-time dabbler in creative sand construction, and my criteria for success are particularly broad: I thought all of these were fantastic and it was fun to see all the different ideas folks had.

The theme of the weekend--which should be most fun tomorrow during the parade--is "Broadway Comes To Eastham", and as you'll see, lots of entries played off that in one way or another.

Best in Show went to this detailed mermaid.

The first of a pair of Lion Kings.

This was a pretty fantastic re-creation of the Academy Playhouse in Orleans.

Sea life abounded, naturally, such as this octopus.

Hospitality is big in Eastham, so this pineapple was pretty popular.

Great opera house!

Did you think there wouldn't be a lobster?

These sand angels were especially sweet.

You might have to think about this a moment: I Cod!

A wedding cake.

Loved this undersea tableau!

I thought this bear was pretty cute and well done.

This is Bastet, the Egyptian Cat Goddess.

One of my favorites (which worked pretty well in the Theme): the Dancing Windmill!!

This entry, representing the Three Sisters Lighthouses of early Eastham, received a special mention from the judges, and was located pretty far out on the tidal flats.

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