Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Morning

Here's a chipmunk who was surveying the day from the back steps. It's a little cooler today (75 F) and overcast. They say we'll see glimmers of sunshine here and there through the day...hopefully during the parade.

I was sorry to interrupt this little guy's equivalent of morning coffee, as I was only looking for a good photo of him. I'm sure it's a good thing they don't trust me, though. After all, I am a known associate of The Cat.

Out in the orchard garden, this new morning glory was just unfurling in the dim morning light. I thought it was a cool color-match with this picotee cosmos, blooming clear on the other side of the garden.

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Anonymous said...

Cute chipmunk...and nice sand castles! Too bad you couldn't jump in and let your creative juices flow!