Sunday, September 09, 2007

Windmill Weekend: I Love a Parade!!

If it was Sunday, then it was the Windmill Weekend parade in Eastham, closing down traffic on Route 6 (except for emergency vehicles!) for an hour or so to celebrate our great town's spirit and diversity.

The weather remained on the overcast side, but the sun was trying to come out and things were a little warm along the highway.

Massachusetts State Troopers provided the color guard to get things underway.

It's a noisy start of the parade, with assorted fire and rescue vehicles from Eastham and surrounding towns leading the way.

One of my favorite parts of the parade every year is the personal appearance by Smokey the Bear!

Eastham's Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts were well-represented.

These scottish pipers gave the front end of the parade some flair with our first taste of music.

And of course, the Eastham Windmill was there. At least, a rolling facsimile thereof.

With the theme of "Broadway Comes To Eastham", there were plenty of showgirls, as well as cows in formal attire from Ben and Jerry's.

The Eastham Historical Society.

Eastham Chamber of Commerce.

Eastham Town Hall presented a production of "Wicked".

Every year, Cape Associates builds a great playhouse modeled after some historic building in town, which is then raffled off as a fundraiser. This year, the library's the featured player.

Here's some of the Coast Guard contingent.

You may remember me mentioning EFFI, the Eastham Forum Flower Islands, and here's that army of volunteer gardeners, all representing their various island gardens...and passing out EFFI pencils to a grateful crowd.

The Eastham Part-Time Residents Taxpayers Association.

These folks were cycling off to see The Wizard, as well as playing "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" on flutes!

The Nauset Regional High School Honors Chorus with director Alison Bevin offered some excellent show tunes to their portion of the parade.

Seaman's Bank at Brackett Farm stages a production of "CATS", while the gang from the Cape Cod Dog brings "GREASE" to life.

"GREASE" was a popular choice, presented also by the cast and crew of the Hole in One. Yes, folks, that's the famous Ken Tabor as Danny Zucco.

Willy's Gym presented a peppy dance number.

The Nauset Newcomers.

The Inn at the Oaks.

Bringing up the rear of the parade was everyone's fair lady, the Statue of Liberty, and this year's parade chair.

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