Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November Morning

I was up earlier than usual, with the garden project on my mind. A check of the weather forecast revealed that Thursday - my next potentially full day to work on the digging, etc. - was going to be a very rainy one. Ugh.

Knowing the work I was hoping to accomplish before Sunday(the proposed planting day), I quickly adapted my schedule and came up with a few hours to dig this morning. It was a very foggy morning, as you can see from the above image of the backyard and also in this glimpse of Route 6 and the fog-shrounded sun.

I arrived at Not Wisteria Lane to find a lovely morning in progress, as the fog burned away and temperatures rose into the 50s.

I was able to finish off the de-sodding and rock laying across the front of the bed, which was the priority. It's always a good idea to get that curbside face looking nice, so you can work behind that on the rest.

I'm pleased with how it's turned out, with a nice, relatively straight line across. I suppose it's a little boring, but practicality is a concern, too, in keeping the nice parking area in front of that. Behind the fence the lines curl a little more and the bed will be deeper in places.

It was turning into an absolutely gorgeous day and I would happily have stayed the rest of the afternoon to continue the project, the birds singing me on. Other things beckoned, though: a quick side trip to Hyannis and then the afternoon and evening at work.

But I did get a start behind the fence clearing out around this rose. It has flashes of pink deep on its leaves, so I suspect that might be the bloom color. Summer will tell that tale and by then it will have plenty of company.

Under the eastern bedroom window is a bit of a tangle of shrubs grown together. This dark berried beauty has some lovely autumn color, though it seems to be woven with an oak seedling.

I know you really want to see actual flowers, so look at these pretty purple asters still blooming across the front of the house.

Here's a project for another day: the backyard. Yes, that's an apple tree growing out of that small mountain. The mountain? Oh, that's the above-ground septic system. They seem to be very popular in the neighborhood (our small mountain is not unique to our yard), I expect because of the proximity to the ocean.

The fall foliage along the Midcape Highway seems especially lovely this morning. The oak trees are turning a delightful shade of coppery-red. Maybe I haven't noticed them on just the right day before, but I think their colors are a little richer this year.

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