Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Well, the rain that was supposed to come overnight arrived around 6:30 this morning, which made the morning a little lazy, at least as regards the actual garden project. As it turned out, a few other things popped up that needed my attention, so it's all good.

I'm definitely going to miss that view (above) out the back of the house here. Living in this sort of secluded woodland setting has been really terrific, and now we're moving to something like the suburbs, with plenty of neighbors incredibly close. I'm sure that will be fine, and maybe even fun, but its sure to make for a different experience than we've had lately.

I did get back to Harwich and "the Project" this afternoon, and made some pretty decent progress. It's not photogenic work, nor particularly interesting. Just the business of beating the upturned clods of grass and such to loosen all the good dirt that's hanging on the roots and then discarding the "empty" clods.

I'm also actually laying the rock edging of the garden, too, though, which is a little more interesting.

As I worked, there was the crow to listen to. He perched high in the tree behind the house and seemed to narrate my efforts to the bird community. After a while a few of his fellows showed up and they squawked together for a bit, before taking wing.

Distantly, I can hear a clock bell sounding the hour. I love that; it's one of the things I missed most about moving out of Provincetown. I know there are plenty of "city folk" who move into a town where there's one, and they petitioned to have it silenced. I think this is wrong. It's nice to know the hour without having to carry your watch/cel phone/pager/blackberry/camera thingy.

And those neighbors are appearing here and there, wandering over to "satisfy their curiosity" or letting the walked dog drag them over for a closer examination of the work. It seems like a nice neighborhood, if no Wisteria Lane (actually, I believe I'm seeing a lot of wisteria growing in people's yards there...). All the more reason for a nice floral barrier between us and them! ; )

Late in the afternoon, a church carillion played for a few minutes. I didn't recognize the tune today, but yesterday was Beethoven's Ode to Joy.

Just before dark, a squadron of Canada geese honked to announce their descent overhead, as they made for the pond at the end of the street. I watched them disappear over behind the treetops...and then heard the annoyed quack of ducks disturbed.

I was happy with the progress I made today, nearly completing the front of the garden bed (I worked until dark after taking this last photo, so made more ground than shows here.), so that its actually starting to look sort of decent.

This installation will take a little longer than I'd planned, and I may end up abbreviating the effort in order to get all the plants moved in good time...though I'll try to get as much done as possible these next few days.

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Cooper said...

Good luck with your move. You have the same love of gardening that I do. I like the rock edging along the path. It looks like you're still in a pretty rural area.

I have a small chiming clock on my mantelpiece above the fireplace, and I love to hear its beautiful clarity ringing out as I go about my day.