Sunday, November 18, 2007

Garden On The Move

Well, today was The Day. After a quick cup of coffee and a shower, I got out into the yard to grab a few things I planned to move bare root, including some assorted roses and a lilac bush...and I did a little bulb mining for some things recently planted I didn't wish to leave behind.

I was lucky enough to have the assistance of friends Melissa and Mike, who'd signed on to help with the transport of My Green Friends. They arrived right around ten and we got the trucks loaded, filling every inch of space in each of the truck beds.

I'm not sure I can be grateful enough to these two for what they brought to the day. Not only did they save me from making a second trip and loosing valuable planting time, but their company made the day more enjoyable. When they went off to the rest of their day, they left me in great spirits for the task ahead. Plus, they brought coffee and donuts!

And so, I'm happy to kick off this week of Thanksgiving with my special Thank You to both of them, which includes an invitation to come lounge by the garden with drinks next summer, if not sooner!

And then it was down to business, as I sorted plants out by species and began arranging them where I thought they should be planted.

Some of this was tricky, as a few plants had shed their leaves in the couple weeks between potting and today, making for a few identity crises(it will be interesting to see which one of those plants was the veronica, as she's particularly hard to identify without foliage!), but I think everything worked out just fine.

Here's a shot of the garden with the next wave of plants in place, waiting to be dug in. It was certainly a lot of work, but I worked pretty quickly, once I'd gotten past those moments of musing about time of bloom and color and such, as I decided which plants ought to be planted near one another...or not.

Three different dianthus plants decided to offer some hot pink blossoms to add to the day's festivities. I'm sorry to tease you, but since I don't have a photo from the end of the day, showing the garden with the work done.

Spring time will be fun next year--it was full-on dark by the time I got around to planting the hyacinths and crocuses, so it's anyone's guess where they'll appear!

I'm certainly relieved to have the garden move completed. We'll make the move with the rest of the household during the first half of December. For now, it's on to other things, as I prepare for tomorrow's long drive to the Adirondacks for Thanksgiving week. Hearing their weather forecasts up that way, it sounds like I'll be sharing some snowy pics with you soon!

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