Monday, December 31, 2007

Another New Year's Eve

So, here we are: another New Year's Eve. I'm happy to report that we have no plans for the evening and will be spending it snuggled in at home with "our kids". Forecasts suggest we may see some rain overnight, though there's a possibility of snow for later in the week.

It's been quite a year, as you can say about any year, really. Each year offers some good things and some bad, hopefully all experiences that we survive and learn from to help us grow.

I'll forego any big retrospective of the year and keep things simple. I offer my humble thanks to everyone who visits the blog regularly, and as I have before, I invite you to post comments to let me know what you think of what you're finding here.

Owing to our recent move, the nature of the blog may be changing or adapting a little with this new year. We'll continue to get to know our house and the little bit of land it perches on. There'll be the new garden to explore and enjoy and encourage. And a whole new part of the Cape I really don't know that well, yet.

I hope that the blessings of good health, happiness, peace and laughter find and follow each of you, wherever you are, wherever your paths lead, in 2008.

Happy New Year!!

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ThriftShopRomantic said...

Heya, Greg! Happy New Year to you! Sending you much happiness for 2008. You are a joy to know.