Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

I always like to make sure that our bird feeders are full for Christmas. Whether or not they celebrate it, the birds are out there in the cold trying to find something to eat and I'm glad to do what I can to help them out...especially since they reward me with the sights and sounds of them.

So before settling into the Christmas eve business of sorting and wrapping gifts, I took a little time to clean some windows and get our window feeders hung and filled at the new house, including this long one on the front window. Within a few days we should have our first visitors.

Outside, it was a beautiful and clear-skied night, with a full moon standing in for the Star of Bethlehem. I couldn't help but find myself scanning the starry skies; it was obviously a beautiful evening for a reindeer-powered sleigh ride.

The rest of the evening was about getting the gifts ready and by 11:30, I was more than ready to relax with a nice glass of spiked eggnog and enjoy the holiday glow of the tree before heading off to bed and a few sugar-plum dreams of my own.

Emily Grace, however, has that amazing nose, and it was telling her that there were gifts under the tree for her. While she tried really hard to wait until morning, she barely made it past midnight: when she found both her parents awake (at least momentarily), she took her moment and dove into the unwrapping (choosing one of her brother's gifts to start with, naturally) and Christmas had begun.

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