Friday, December 07, 2007

Rainy Friday

Season's Greetings from First Encounter Beach, Eastham, MA.

Was a little warmer and less windy today, though not by too much. Still, felt good enough to walk out toward Bee's Creek in the marsh behind First Encounter Beach this morning.

There were some small icy, slushes patches being drawn out toward the bay on the ebb tide.

So I read in the Cape Codder that our regional anthem, Old Cape Cod by Patti Page, turns fifty years old this year. I love that song. Until very recently, one of the local radio stations - WCOD - played it every day at noon. I hope they read this and decide to start doing it again.

Interesting to read that Page didn't visit the Cape until after she'd recorded the song.

At the restaurant, our favorite way to change the lyrics is "If you like the taste of a lobster stew, served by a waiter with attitude..."

It turned out to be a pretty rainy afternoon here on old Cape Cod.

No complaints, though, as a snow alternative is really nothing I want to explore yet.

Another tiny victory in progress of the move: this afternoon, I loaded up the car with house plants like the Clampetts going west and we made the journey to Harwich.

These three spiders found hooks in the freshly painted living room.
This group has landed tempo rarily by a southern window in what will be my bedroom. The blue/ lavendar on the walls will be a nice base coat for what I've got planned for painting once we've settled in there.

What with having one foot in two houses and all the busy-ness at work, there's not really been much time or inclination to spread much holiday cheer at home yet. But I had this big old metal sleigh that I'd been dying to do something with...and it was just right for this pair of pothos plants.

Just before it got real cold, I bought these tulips, which I had thought I might sneak into the ground this afternoon.

Sadly, that ground felt to be frozen quite solidly and so I'll have to get them into pots soon and see about forcing them for a February bloom inside, instead.


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Marc said...

"If you like the taste of a lobster stew, served by a window with an ocean view?"