Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Scenes From A Move

So this weekend we decided we'd had enough with assorted inefficient trips to Harwich to deliver things and decided to rent a UHaul. It started out as a pretty lovely day, as you can see from the above, taking on our way to get said truck around 9 that morning. But already clouds were piling in, clouds which dire forecasts were suggesting could bring snow...another thing encouraging us to get moving.

We got a lot accomplished during the course of the day and in retrospect, it sounds like we were somewhat organized. You'd think we'd be pretty accomplished, having done this six times in the last ten years, after all.

But to be honest, it was a bit chaotic and random... and while we got a little more than three-quarters of our Stuff moved to the new location, a pretty substantial one-quarter remains.

Thanks to Michel and to Vicki, who both came to our rescue and helped with the lifting and lugging of stuff. There's nothing like the company of a couple of good friends to ease your way along a difficult path.

Still, there's some comfort to be had from seeing your Things populating new digs, making it start to look like your home.

We're still not staying there yet, since the dog and cat and assorted other things of importance remain at the old house. It's a busy week at work, and it didn't seem like we ought to just toss the Kids into a strange new place and leave them to fend for themselves without us around to explore it with them.

Here's my new bedroom. Already I'm scheming about ideas for how I'd like to paint this--since there are already glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, I'm thinking a stars and clouds motif might be interesting. But there's plenty of time for that in the new year.

For now, I simply look forward to having a day or two to really get settled in there and give myself a little time to rest.


Jenn Thorson said...

Hey, congrats, Gregoire-- it looks like a nice place, very homey already!

Start singing some apropos music, like "I'll be Home For Christmas..." :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Greg!!!!!
- Heather Pence that is