Monday, March 31, 2008

Almost April Showers

The last day of March was a gray and showery one.

The rain was never particularly heavy, but a nice sort of drizzle. After a week without rain, the garden looks refreshed. Tiny clumps of leaves pushing their way up from the ground are more obvious with their leaves washed clean.

Today I saw some nice greening on a great variety of things in the border. A clump of rudbeckia here, a new hyacinth shoot there. Phlox. Foxglove. Dianthus and sweet William. Daisies. Leaf buds on rose branches.

I noticed that one clump of crocuses was nibbled down to about half an inch above the soil. I suspect the two bunnies I saw in the yard across the street this evening might be somehow involved, but for now, I'm okay with that. It's always fun to have a garden that's alive, and if that means the occasional plant sacrifice, I'm okay with that. It's called co-existence, eh?

It's still a little showery, and I'm happy to report a rising temperature. We started the day in the mid-thirties, but tonight it is 47 degrees, with possible high fifties forecast for tomorrow.

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Butch said...

Today, we had the strangest combination of weather in a long time. It kept changing from blue-skies to rain, and then to hail, then back to blue-skies. It did this most of the afternoon. It was good that the hail stones were small otherwise, there could have been damage. Hopefully, April will be much better.