Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Faith Rewarded

The garden move is always a little stressful on plants, though for the most part, I've had some terrific success. I was a little extra-concerned about them through this past winter (lingering still, it seems), when I discovered the garden site I'd chosen was a little bit of a flood zone.

But I've noticed this week that things seem to have come through just fine. This morning, I spotted this clump of tulip foliage.

Many of these tiny little crocus tips are beginning to emerge all along the border of the garden.

Elsewhere, I'm recognizing the foliage of daisies and daylilies and irises and sedums all adding little bits of green to the dark and dull earth tones of the garden at winter's end.

This evening I began to clear away the dead foliage of the garden residents, to encourage them as the season begins. Tomorrow I'll be spending some more time tidying things up out there and if the weather allows, I'll add a fresh layer of topsoil to start the season off right.

Now that the days are a little bit longer, Em and I have begun a nightly Walk Around the Block routine. She has not always been the easiest dog to walk, but seems to have mellowed in more recent years. We've been enjoying watching the sun sink behind the trees, as the moon appears in the sky.

But I need to get larger baggies.


Dantallion said...

I need to get large baggies - lol!

I'm envious - winter has been endless for us this year - unusually so. with another 23 inches of snow being dumped on us again last week. That brings our total accumulation to almost 11 feet!

I'd love to feel the warmth of spring and see a few tulip bulbs poking their heads out.

Greg said...

Actually, the real trick is getting her to wait patiently while I scoop with the size baggie I had, I guess.

I'll be glad to share our spring to get you through the rest of the winter...it's really been something up your way this year!