Monday, March 10, 2008

When "Snow" is Okay

Having not found any new patches of crocuses in my daily travels to share with you, this afternoon I stopped by for another look at that patch of snow crocuses I visited a week or so back, now fully in bloom. In fact, the cold temperatures we've had (mid-20s overnight) are probably to blame for the "blown" look of the white ones.

Then, as I drove along Route 28 headed for home, I spied a patch of white at the roadside where I could pull over safely nearby...and found this happy group of snowdrops.

I don't see these really large ones very often...we had a few much tinier ones at the house in Eastham, which I would see occasionally. These guys seemed totally random, blooming near what appeared to be an abandoned barn or something.

When I looked over the fence, I discovered that my new roadside friends were actually escapees from the snowdrop corral on the other side! The snowdrop motherlode!!

I loved the way this long bank of clouds was lit at sunset tonight, as seen here from the parking lot of Thompson's Field conservation area.

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