Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday This and That

This nose never fails to bring me a little joy. Whether Em's pushing me to get out of bed and let her out, or pushing me off the couch she wants on the couch, asking for another cookie or just coming over to say hi while we're outside exploring the yard, she can always get a smile out of me.

Em's little brother, Badum, is the same. He's an agreeable dude who can usually be found lying around the house on his back, showing his belly to anyone who will rub it, or looking at the window at the birds (or Sophie, the little dog across the street) or, alternately, tearing around the house like a lunatic. From his big sis, Badum has also been learning some tricks about "requesting" treats when the mood strikes him.

The two of them always put on a show of competition when we're home, vying for our attentions or the snuggliest place nearby. Despite their sibling rivalries, we've also caught them curled up together a few we know they get along well, and probably order up pay-per-view movies together when we're both at work.

Together, they make our lives a little sweeter and definitely more amusing.

On the way from the bank to work today, I discovered that the annual spring show at what I call the Daffodil House on Rock Harbor road had begun, with a few early season daffodils, and couldn't resist stopping for a closer look. I've taken pictures here before (once I get around to tagging all my old entries, you'll be able to find them in the archives...)

The owners of this place may be fans of the musical Brigadoon, if the heather on the hill by their driveway is any indication.

The first half of the day was really quite delightful, bright and sunny with temperatures soaring to around the 50 degree mark.

Clouds were filling the sky at the far end of the day, as we prepare for another rainy weekend. Here's a couple shots of Cape Cod Bay I took from Skaket Beach in Orleans, after I left work, assuming this was the closest we'd get to an actual sunset.

However, the sky changed a little as I made my way back to Harwich, enough that I was able to capture this glimmer of orange to the west, as seen from another beach parking lot.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of your "kids", the budding flowers, and the sunset. Many thanks, and a great weekend your way as well.