Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rainy Morning

It's been no secret (though I've tried not to make too much of it here) that our latest move has left me a little dis couraged.

Winter has no doubt played its role to some extent, even though we've not had the extremes of snow and cold and great duration thereof that I see and hear of in others lives. It's the grayness of the days, really. I need some more sunlight!

It's still darned chilly here, but I am finding encouragement in the gardens, what with things beginning to green up and little shoots of new bulbs beginning to spring up here and there. And of course, the new property comes with surprises of it's own, like the cluster of bleeding heart foliage I found near the other day's hyacinth discovery!

It was a rainy morning here, pretty intensely so, so this photo was my only effort at doing much of anything outside. Things dried out a bit for the afternoon, and on the way home, I had a chance to prove my recent theory about the birds who live in the plantings of our local grocery store: they don't seem to care much that I'm photographing opposed to the guys in our yard, who all scatter at the first sound of the camera being turned on (why DO digital cameras have to make noises, eh?).

After searching through my field guide, I've figured out these are house sparrows.

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