Friday, April 18, 2008

At Coast Guard Beach

Last night's dramatic clouds brought us some light showers in the wee hours, but were breaking up as the storm moved back out to sea this morning.

After picking up the new glasses again (Yay!), I was headed to the bank in Eastham and decided to detour to Coast Guard Beach.

Not only did it get me away from the re-paving project on Route 6, but as it turned out, the surf was more exciting than normal...and the clouds moving out to sea were pretty cool, too.

I think the dragon's head is pretty clear (above, left)...but I also just watched "Jurassic Park", so maybe that's just me projecting.

Here's another video experiment. Due, I think, to the close proximity to the noon hour, the color balance is a bit off, and I'm not sure how to adjust that yet. Anyway, the crashing waves were pretty cool, even if the wind off the water plays a little havoc with the audio.

As I headed on to the bank, I spotted one of the Eastham turkeys foraging along the roadside. Always cool to see them, though he (she?) beat a hasty retreat into the woods when the camera and I appeared.


Butch said...

Nice wind and wave sounds at the beach. I can not believe that our weather has predicted snow and rain showers. It actually snowed for a few minutes today and the wind was really blowing the trees around. I hope this doesn't affect the magnolia tree as it is ready to open up its blooms anytime now.

Topping off your entry with a picture of a wild turkey is amazing. She knows it's not November yet and can walk about without worrying too much. I understand the older ones are pretty smart when it comes to hunters etc. One could say they didn't reach their older ages through not learning the ins and outs of the hunters.

lostlandscape said...

You could have posted a two hour wave video and I would have watched it--few things more relaxing in life. The warped color made it look like the faded 50s Ektachrome relics in everyone's photo albums.

Greg said...

Butch, can't believe you all are getting more snow...hope it passes briefly...and look for some classy pics of flowers in the snow, if you can bear to be out in it.

I'll keep your magnolia blossoms in my thoughts...meanwhile, if it starts to look back, trim a few branches and bring them inside, as a tonic against Mother Nature's fickleness!

Glad you guys enjoyed the wave video. I, too, could stand there and watch them for hours, especially when they're as exciting as yesterday!

Lost, I was thinking it looked sort of old home movie-ish, too! (Maybe I'll go back and add some effects to it to really give it the retro feel.)

Greg said...

EDITING for DUH-ism: In the post haste above, please substitute the word "bad" for "back". Thanks. ; )

Patrick said...

These images are so soothing, Greg. My parents have spent a fair amount of time on Cape Cod, and as a family we've vacationed there a few times. In fact we'd normally be there just about this time of year, to take advantage of the pre-Memorial Day emptiness. I could watch waves for hours too, but even just being able to see that much sky is a luxury I don't often get here in the city. Perhaps because I grew up in the midwest, I need that sense of space and distance, but all too often I forget to attend to it. Your images were a good reminder.

I'm totally envious of the gardening you're doing, but appreciative of you sharing the details. The past few years I've managed to grow morning glories in a window box, but the bachelor buttons didn't care for it, last year.

somewhere joe said...

I see a leaping pony.

Spring has made you prolific, Greg. I'm enjoying every visit to your beautiful coastal habitat and home. The first photo is gorgeous; it reminds me of the paintings I used to pore over in the American wing at the Met.

I like the nostalgic Ektachrome tint of the clip - I'm half expecting for the camera to pan right and find Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr awash in the surf.