Friday, April 18, 2008

Cloud Watching

Although Emily's always happy to see her grandparents, this week's schedule of after-work dinners, whale watching and general comraderie have played havoc with our nightly walking routine...and she's let me know it.

So tonight I was happy to get home from our latest dinner before the sun had totally gone to bed, and me and My Girl enjoyed a nice stroll around the block.

Although it was a lovely day, there was a storm out over the Atlantic which backed some late down clouds across the Cape, giving us some nice dramatic skies to enjoy as the sun headed west.


Butch said...

Another beautiful sunset, this time with the clouds dominating the final rays of sunlight. Very nice and the other cloud pictures are stirring as well. I have always loved the weather preceding a thunder storm and these clouds look similar. They seem to be only threatening and not really dropping any precipitation. Beautiful, none the less.

Butch said...

Glad Emily got to have her walk with you! ;-)

( They are such loving creatures, just be thankful they can't talk, we would all be held for blackmail! ) ;-)

Greg said...

Oh, man, I know THAT's true. She's always got something to say. In fact, she's a tad disgruntled that this evening's promenade was missed.

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Great Going dear and good to meet you and your blog here in this window

afod said...

Nice formations and hues!

Greg said...

Anu, welcome to the Garden!

Afod, welcome back! How was SF?