Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And So it Grows

Checking in at the Sunflower Academy, some of my most eager seedlings have now surpassed the one foot mark, and still not quite a month old. I'm so proud. I'll be happy to get these guys outside in the some real sunshine and let them see what they can do.

With such a good start out of the gate, I think we stand to be impressed.

Not far from the sunflowers is this easter cactus. I bought it as just a small plant as a gift to myself when I moved into my Provincetown apartment. It's never bloomed for me, though grown considerably in the ten years since.

This week, I'm seeing for the first time, a few hot red flower buds. Woo woo!! Don't underestimate the power of a south-facing window!

The rains were heavy overnight and continued for a while this morning. If there were thunderstorms--I don't think they materialized--I slept through them (not an impossible scenario).

But the quantity of rain itself was a good test of the new level of the garden...and I'm happy to say, it seems to have passed admirably. The rain water still pools outside the garden, but doesn't spill through the rocks and flood everything...meaning the water is in the perfect place to feed the garden residents, without washing them away. And that's good enough for me just now.

As you can see, the rain's done a world of good for a garden already thriving, and the shades of green seem so much richer today against the dark wet colors of the dirt.

A few of the very full young hyacinths flopped over under the weight of the rain, which is not a sad thing...since I'd been thinking about cutting a few to bring inside.

I'm a big fan of their scent, and it's kind of fun to have it wafting through the indoors, as well as the garden.


Butch said...

Those Sunflowers are growing in leaps and bounds. They seem to like that window or do you also use a sunlamp on them as well?

The last picture is beautiful.

Greg said...

Hey Butch...no sunlamp action going on here, just a nice sunny window.

That said, I realize now that I haven't used a seed starting soil mix, but actually a potting mix with Miracle Gro in it for slow feeding...so I guess my seeds are getting a jump from that, too!

somewhere joe said...

This year's sunflower class gets an A. And it looks like they're eager to graduate.

Congratulations on bringing the cactus to flower. It should bloom at least once a year, maybe twice as it gets older, from now on.

Yesterday would have been my mother's birthday. I thought of her again this morning when I saw your hyacinths, her favorite, in the window...

Greg said...

They certainly are, Joe! However, due to a frost warning overnight, commencement ceremonies will be delayed another day or two.

It must've been your Mom who whispered in my ear with the idea to cut the floppy hyacinths and bring them inside. : )

Jenn Thorson said...

Easter cactus-- a cousin of the Christmas cactus? I have managed to inadvertently snuff TWO Christmas cactii... I have no idea what I did wrong. Hope your Easter one goes gangbusters.

PS-- Love that moody blue forest photo.

Greg said...

I assume they must be cousins, as the Easter cactus looks in every way like a Christmas cactus, except for the until-now-theoretical spring bloom. I bought it at the PTown A & P (now the Grand Union) and of course, grocery store plants never come with much documentation.

Kelly Wight said...

Haven't been to the "garden" in sometime, but my timing is perfect to get here to see the sunflowers progress. I'm loving the new format too. Gorgeous! Hugs, Kel

Sh@ney said...

Ahhh so preeeety! I am planting my Sweetpea seeds in the next couple of days. And cannot wait to have them sprout into sensory delight in the coming spring. They are my all time favourite annual.
I too love sun flowers and hyacinths...Any flower that has a sweet scent gets my vote.

Greg said...

OMG, Kelly!!! This is too funny. I was actually logging onto my email to write you and say "Come look at what your sunflower seeds are doing!!" and here's your comment!

Oh, I'm totally off to send you a different version of that email now!

Greg said...

Sh@ney! Do you nick or soak your sweet pea seeds before you plant them? I planted some earlier this spring, but no sign of them, so I guess I should try another batch before it's too late.

Flower scents are amazing to me and its incredible all the places man has duplicated them--I'm always sort of intrigued by the way red rocket snapdragons smell like Cherry Kool-Aid!

CJ said...

Great prospects there. I can smell the hyacinth. I know it's wonderful.