Saturday, April 05, 2008

Is Your Garden Dolce Venti?

Hey, gang!

My regularly scheduled posts will be coming along shortly, but I wanted to share an important exchange with a fellow blogger, for all your benefit. Kimbathewhite, who's discovered the Midnight Garden through Blog Catalog (see link in the right column), recently wrote:

"Loved the bird post - I can see that you passionately enjoy the out-of-doors, as do I. I have a question: Do you know whether coffee grounds mixed in with the soil will actually help flower and/or veggie plants? I had heard this and am considering trying it this year. I hear Starbucks gives theirs away for free. But I'm wondering if you've ever actually TRIED this and noticed a difference in the quality and/or quantity of your plants?"

I wrote back to Kimba that I do regularly add some coffee grounds to my garden soil, usually just scratching a little in as top dressing or with an addition of fresh soil or compost in the springtime. I've been doing this for years, but never really knew why, exactly. I'd heard years ago that the coffee was attractive to earthworms, who are never unwelcome in my garden...and it sort of made good sense in a simplistic kind of way: since coffee helps me to be more productive in my workday, why wouldn't it do the same for them?

I've had noticeably increased bloom counts from roses and azaleas (and pretty much any acid soil loving plant)side dressed with grounds. I've added grounds to compost with good results, as well, but I never knew why, or thought to ask. It just worked.

So, I decided to do a little research (as little as possible, since I'm at work, to be honest) and discovered this page from Starbucks, which confirms they do indeed offer their grounds to gardeners gratis, and also lists the composition of the grounds, and why it is they work so well in the garden.

Anyway...turns out we may have just found the best justification for there to be a Starbucks on every corner! Don't forget to go grab some grounds--your garden will thank you!

Thanks Kimba, for bringing this important bit to our attention!

Happy gardening, all!!

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Butch said...

Thanks for the tip, I've been grinding them, making coffee with them, and then just throwing the grounds away in the trash. I will give it a go!