Friday, April 04, 2008

Floating Garden

Rain overnight has brought fresh flood waters to the garden bed out front, making yesterday's new crocus look a little more like a water lily this morning.

I'm happy to see that it's less of an issue than earlier in the year, thanks to my efforts to raise the level of the garden a little...but I can see there's still a section that needs work.

Even if I raise the bed level, there's still the issue of the flooding in front of it. This could work to actually water the garden, I suppose. Many of the plants here had relations who grew nicely in the meadow in Eastham, which flooded every I might not have too much to worry about, in regard to loss. But there are a few things which could suffer, so I'm hoping to find time to address this issue soon...especially with a month of April showers potentially stretching out before us.

One idea I'm considering is running gravel-lined channels diagonally through the bed, which might serve the garden, irrigation-wise. We'll see. I'm not settled on a plan yet, and I am still waiting to see where certain plants emerge as spring progresses (I didn't have time to diagram where everything ended up in the fall)...and the flooding issue does make it hard to think about installing the soaker hose I'm intending to utilize here.

There was a big Crow Council Meeting in the trees out back late this afternoon, despite continuing shower-y-ness.

I could hear both red-winged blackbirds and crows in the mix, and who knows who else might've been in was hard to see them clearly.

I can't help but wonder what it is they discuss. Weather forecasts, windspeeds, where the new bird feeders and bird baths are this year, if something can be done about the gulls and the hawks...who knows?

In any case, the meeting broke up before long, perhaps due to the brown dog barking in the yard below. I'm impressed to see that there are nearly a hundred or maybe more birds in the cloud they made as they took off. Maybe the birds have Town Meeting, too.

Silly birds, everyone knows it's impossible to have an even-slightly productive meeting late on a Friday afternoon.

My guess is they were just meeting up to head off to the local watering hole for Happy Hour at the end of a long bird week.

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