Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday Meanderings

Here's a picture of Crystal Lake, a lovely little bit of water half-visible through the trees along Route 28 in South Orleans. Since it's alongside one of my possible commutes to and from work, I've admired it any number of times since the move, but options for pulling over thereabouts are slim and not really prudent with the traffic flow.

Not a fan of the highway, I generally opt for one of the other two, slower and more scenic routes to and from work, when time allows.

Last night, I was cleaning my new glasses (we've been together about two weeks...a big tongue-in-cheek welcome back the bifocals, which I'd not missed these past twenty years) and the bridge broke clean away from the frame of the right lens. Augh...

Anyway, I had to drop them off at the eye doctors on the way to work, so the route past Crystal Lake was the best option for getting to that side of town...and I'd forgotten there'd be delays, due to some spring roadwork along that stretch. The upside of all this, and the point (if there's one at all) is that the flagman stopped me in the perfect place, and for long enough, to roll down the passenger window and fire off the shot above. Enjoy.

Our theme of gray continues, weather-wise, as you can see. Hardly rainy enough to call it so, but enough to mostly keep the car's wipers on delayed setting. Mom and Dad will be visiting next week, and as they'll be emerging from the tall white remains of an Adirondack winter, I guess I don't mind if we save some really fun and sunny weather for while they are here. But I wouldn't mind a day or two of "practice" sunshine before they know, just to be sure we get it right and all.

The bulk of the day was unremarkable, excepting a minor headache from having switched back to the old glasses' prescription and the old frames don't exactly sit properly on my face, requiring regular adjustments. And of course, there are the usual concerns about how far the dollar doesn't go lately, which seem to get us all lately.

Lately, I've often been selecting the commute through Brewster, what with spring coming on and all. I figure I can count on a town that has an annual festival called Brewster in Bloom (first weekend in May!) to entertain me (and hopefully you)on the way home with some nice floral vistas. Here's the first fruits of that way of thinking.

Not only is this whole hillside planted with daffodils, but there was a ribbon at least two feet wide of daffodils which ran over camera to the right and sort of rings the whole property and the small cottage/business in the center of it. It was starting to rain, then, so I'm afraid I stopped only long enough to enjoy the daffs and not to note the name of the place.

Before arriving home, I made a visit to the local Stop N Shop for a few needful things (forgot a couple, as is my custom...). While I was there, tho, I stopped at the Starbucks franchise and asked if they participated in the Grounds program (see Saturday's post) and indeed they do!

The grounds are all done up in a handy (and informational) little coffee pouch( which alleviated some of my concerns about the grounds and how fresh they would be--mold can be a problem if you don't act fast with them) and ready for sprinkling in the garden, which I'll try to fit into tomorrow morning's routine, weather allowing.


Butch said...

Good morning,

I always enjoy a beautiful view of the water, and your picture started off your entry nicely. The "hill of daffodils" was nice as well with the yellow peaking through the brown and green.

Sorry about the glasses. I used to have a problem cleaning one of my pairs of glasses with the lens popping out, when I evidently, applied too much pressure on them whilst cleaning them. It was always a pain trying to put them together. ( I would have to go get another pair so I could see the pair I was trying to repair. ;-)

I couldn't help thinking about the Stephen King book, "Needfull Things," when you mentioned stopping by the store. You are living close enough to the vicinity where it all happened in his books. ( well, maybe a little south of it. ) ;-) I have almost read everything that man has written. If there is a modern Irish bard, it would have to be King, in my opinion. He certainly can spin a tale and keep the interest of his many readers.

Good luck with the house preparations in anticipation of your parent's visit.

country girl said...

Your blog was recommended by Dykewife; she's rarely wrong. I'm a gardener of sorts. Living through the hot summers in the country outside Sacramento near Auburn presents some real challenges for a gardener. Now that I've retired I have more time for gardening and my real passion...quilting/fabric art. I did manage to coax life into Lily of the Valley and Lilac. It took a lot of patience, time and the shadiest place on the five acres. Yes, I get Starbucks grounds too. Love your blog.

Greg said...

Hiya, Butch! Glasses are the bane, eh? I couldn't believe how easily these snapped, as I was being pretty careful with them. The old wobbly ones are okay, meanwhile, but I'd replaced them because they have to be so far down my nose to read small things that I was considering getting a longer nose.

I love Stephen King's all his stuff except the serial (is it "The Dark Tower"?). I know he gets a lot of flack for the horror thing...but if he wasn't a good writer, he wouldn't terrify us!

Hi, Country Girl...thanks to Dykewife for pointing you in my humble direction, and welcome to the Midnight Garden!

I'm currently waiting to see if any lily of the valley made the move with us--there were so many things to pot up, and no time to do that AND catalogue them all.

Anonymous said...

You almost threw me for a loop when I saw the name "Crystal Lake" as there is one here inland from Lake Michigan. But just like so many Springfields, there must be a few Crytstal Lakes out there. A very interesting read about the coffee grounds.

Greg said...

Afod, not as zany as some of the Springfields, but hopefully as beautiful as the other Crystal Lakes!

Glad to see spring's finally finding you!

Wonder Man said...

This was a nice blog, this makes me think about where to live after L.A.

dykewife said...

you always seem to be getting rained on. if'n you want sunshine, moving to the prairies is a good plan. in fact, here in saskatoon, we are the sunniest place in canada. we've got the whole "sunshine" thing down pat. :D

oh, we got to about 38F today! tomorrow we're expecting double digits (in celsius). i adore winter and i really like cold weather, but i'm missing the green something fierce.

Butch said...

Greg: The Dark Tower series was brilliant and I can't think of an ending to the whole series that could have been better. I will not spoil it in the event you decide to start it.

Greg said...

I'm sure at some point I'll get around to DT. But I've already got a stack of books waiting for me.

Just started "Green Grows the City" by Beverly Nichols last night. More about that later!!