Saturday, April 26, 2008

Number Nine

Another beautiful day in store for Cape Cod. It's still only 48 degrees, but we should see some warming as the day goes on. And there's not a drop of rain in the forecast.

Which is why I was outside with coffee in one hand and the hose in the other at 7:30, giving the border a nice soaking. I guess there's some residual post-hot tub bliss going on, but what a lovely morning, all the birds singing and otherwise, no noise at all.

I forgot to tell you on Thursday about my realization. The neighbors may come to think I'm a little batty, but I found myself cracking up all by my lonesome as I worked out there and I discovered that--for the second time--I have accidentally created a garden bed which must look pretty damn phallic from the air. (Really, I know you don't believe me, but it wasn't intentional!)

Anyway, the effect will be muted once I've completed digging up the bed around the lamp-post...but for now...well, I guess I'm glad we don't see more plane crashes due to distracted pilots.

Happy Weekend, everyone! I'm off to work...


Butch said...

48 degrees? Your weather is sounding a bit like ours at night. It does look like Spring has come to visit you. ( Hope she, stays this time.) ;-)

Nate said...

Thanks for the support Greg. Hope you guys make it also.

Great pic of the flower by the way.. garden looks great.


Sh@ney said...

Hmmm I never would have considered a phallic garden...Maybe my vege patch can be one great big dong!
And if I had of been walking past you laughing to yourself, I swear I would not have thought 'kooky' ummm OK I go now....:P

dykewife said...

despite our chill (just above freezing) my white columbines are starting to show their greens and there are some kind of bulbs growing in the side garden. i'll take some photos of them and post them. i have no idea what they are.

i wish i could be working in the garden but it's way too early up here. the ground is still pretty much frozen except for the first couple of inches.

somewhere joe said...

Greg, you've given the term 'lay of the land' a whole new spin. Some gardens attract butterflies. Yours attracts hot air balloons!

Greg said...

Dykewife, the columbine foliage must make your heart sing--I just love the way those little leaves unfurl. I'll check out the Seismic Twitch to see what sort of bulbs you have.

Joe, hopefully we'll get butterflies, too. But if you find yourself floating over Not Wisteria Lane, throw down a line ("hey, what's a nice guy like you doing in a garden like this?" will probably do...) and we'll reel you in!

Jenn Thorson said...

I'll be listening to the news for issues in your state, where air traffic has gotten confused or in the wrong air space. :) We'll know it's your garden beds.