Thursday, April 10, 2008

Whatta Day...

Heading into work this foggy morning, I saw yet another sign of spring, as this road sweeper appeared out of the mist. It was a delightful ride, as the sun began to poke through the thinning clouds overhead.

Accepting the fact that the hungry bunnies are enjoying the crocuses in the home garden (and honestly, how can I blame them for taking advantage of a new's like I opened a restaurant just for them. I'll try additional protections and also a little faith that they'll find things to nibble elsewhere as the season unfolds.), I knew I'd need to find other ways to celebrate the Festival of St. Crocii...and there's a front yard in Brewster which had caught my eye recently. By the time I arrived there, the sun was growing stronger...and there was a wonderful show of crocuses, with a few daffodils and glory of the snow thrown in as a bonus.

Man, a spread like that is every bulb gardener's dream, huh? Something about a great colony of bulbs like this just makes my heart sing! (Wild things, I think I love you...)

The work day was seasoned with a variety of great responses to the 100 List, which was fun (if you haven't read it yet, just scroll on down)...and a steadily rising temperature only sweetened the pot!

First it was 55, incomparably delightful in its own right. And then 58...and then 63, 64...back down to 63 again...and finally, a high of 65 right around dinnertime! Woo freaking hoo!!

Above left is a pair of the crocuses which have someone gone uneaten, and aren't they lovely. And I leave you with some glorious late afternoon sun on one of my favorite pansies.


lostlandscape said...

Hmmm. I must be part bunny: I like pansies in my salads as well. Honest, I haven't been on your coast for a couple months--It's not me munching your yard!

What the critters didn't munch looks great though--Enjoy your spring. San Diego's spring is close to over. I think the long brown season is about to begin.

Butch said...

That last picture of the pansy is totally amazing. It is just screaming, "Here I am, you lovely insects, come and get me!" Those beautiful blue veins running the length of each pedal is perfect. Then, there's the bright yellow, centre, in case the insect hasn't figured out where to land. Very nice. Thanks.

Jenn Thorson said...

Ah, beautiful!! My azaleas are starting to pop out, the roses are leafing, the Sweet William has planted itself where it doesn't belong and I believe I will leave it there, and it's starting to look exciting. Gosh, I love spring!

Greg said...

Hi Lost!! I know they're pretty tasty...our bunny used to devour the spent pansies when I'd do my dead-heading. I think it's that I miss him a little that I'm not taking more serious action against the neighborhood buns.

Butch, I've always been fascinated with ultraviolet images (I think those are the ones) that show more clearly that all the lines and crinkles on pretty flowers are nothing more than brightly colored arrows and landing lights for bees and such!!

Jenn, Spring really is exploding around us. Em's and my walk last evening was notable for something new: SOUND.

Not only could we hear the peepers (!!) at a variety of nearby ponds and marshes, but there was also a ballgame of some variety going on at the school...and you could hear the shouts and squeals and general merriment drifting on the warm evening air. It was wonderful...ah, Life!!