Sunday, May 04, 2008

First Tulip

'Tis late I'm getting home from work this evening/ morning, and I've further let myself be delightfully distracted by Patrick's Beltane visit to Central Park over at Loose Ends. Such beauty!

As a result of all that, this will be a brief entry, as I should get a little sleep if I intend to work the Brewster in Bloom parade into my plan for the day.

But, I have to share with you this particular tulip, the first to survive and bloom in the new garden here. It owes its odd, pointy appearance to having been partially munched before the jalapeno spray did its work to discourage the bunnies and other nibblers. Still, I just love it's yellow, and the way the raindrops looked on it this/yesterday morning.

Yes, we've been all about the rain again the last two days. Nothing particularly torrential or anything, just some nice bouts of slow steady of the nicest things you can give a garden this time of year. You can be sure the sunflowers are responding already!


Butch said...

. . .and what a beauty it is!! I did think yellow could be this bright. Thanks.

somewhere joe said...

Tulips rule. Their proportions - leaf, stem, flower - are superb.

That 500 mile-wide, east-bound storm front just missed us. We're into brushfire season. A drink would have been nice.

Greg said...

A beautiful yellow on a rainy day always captures something of the sunshine that inspired it, Butch!

Sorry you didn't get a little rain, Joe (or are we talking about actual drinks...?). Seems like we are getting April showers deferred this week.

lostlandscape said...

Rain and tulips...beautiful. They're things denied to us over here on the opposite corner of the country (unless we stick tulip bulbs in the fridge for six weeks before planting them and then dig them up in the fall and do the same thing over). Wednesday's minor drizzle here and tulips at the florists just aren't the same!