Friday, May 02, 2008

Rainy Friday

It's a rainy morning here, which is fine by me, since I've got a long list of other things that need accomplishing today. Most important is the tracking down of some antibiotics, but there's also banking and a day in the office to boot, so I'll keep this brief.

I'm happy to say the sunflowers out in the garden all survived the night well, and are no doubt happy for this morning's rain. It looks like they might even have grown some since I put them in the ground, though that could be my imagination.

It looks like the jalapeno spray I made is keeping away the bunnies, as we have some tulips that might actually get to put on a show in the coming week. I didn't save the package, but I believe these will be purple. You may recall that I didn't get to plant them in the fall, but did take advantage of a January thaw to drop them in the ground, which doesn't seem to have harmed them in the least.


Butch said...

That is going to be one beautiful purple tulip. Success with the bunnies. Hot sauce, who would have known?! ;-)

Sh@ney said...

Can't wait to see them bloom...Rain is the only way plants get watered here, we are on very strict water usage guidelines at the moment.

We are not allowed to wash cars, water plants, expected to have 4 minute showers, buy water saving devices such as shower nozzels, dual flush for the loo just to name a few.

I catch as much rainwater in buckets when it does manage to drizzle and I use this to water the plants that are dependant on constant moisture.

So it is nice to see gardens that can have the attention they deserve, and of course someone with a green thumb to establish them...xx

Greg said...

I do hate to waste water, knowing what a precious commodity it is for so many. I will be installing a soaker hose shortly to help me be as efficient as I can.

In the last garden, I was very far away from the house and largely relied on rain water (tho I confess I also lugged a few watercans full from the house as the summer wore on).