Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apollo's Chariot

So, I haven't had a chance to figure out why the slide show thing didn't work out. I was kind of bummed, as it also blended in a little video of the soothing surf.

Ah, well, anyway...here's the photos I wanted to share with you. Our neighborhood's great, but with so many lovely trees, not much of a sunset viewing spot. And the breeze off Nantucket Sound was so refreshing, I was real happy to have made the trip...and only sorry that you hadn't been there with me!

The kid with the stunt kite was pretty enter taining. Well, he was just cute and skilled with the kite...the flying show was definitely entertaining tho: pretty cool as the kite dipped and whirled and swooped, all the while buzzing and humming as it chewed its way through the air.

Tide was coming in, and yes, I got my feet wet before I remember to take my stupid sneakers off. I was amazed by the amount of seaweed and such collecting at the top of the tide...never a big attractor as far as getting me in the water.

Once the shoes were off, though, the water was quite wonderful...not bathwater, exactly, but still, you gotta love that Gulf Stream--send me a message in a bottle from somewhere, Joe!

No reason to narrate any further, except to say I thought it was a little bland, as sunsets go...nothing like a puffy cloud or two to add a touch of drama...but then again, there's that brilliant orange orb, just hanging up there in the sky!

Back soon with some pretty flowers!


Java said...

Love the look of the water washing up on the beach! The sun is very bright in that one pic.

somewhere joe said...

It'll be in a Heineken bottle... with a cork. They deliver only bottles with a proper cork.

Greg said...

Java, watching the surf has become one of my favorite wastes of time! And not all that wasteful, as it turns out...nothing like the sound of it to drown out everything so you can really think!

Joe, I'll watch for that--I sure know what they look like! The cork's a good idea, if the message is to be anything more detailed than "Here's a Heineken bottle"! ; )

MartininBroda said...

It feels like one of this movies in which someone would like to be himself, perhaps we should exchange our lives for a good fiction, looking in happy expectation to a new disappointment. I like your new soundtrack (I am a little unfamiliar with jazz) and still working on my first attempt, I'm not satisfied at this moment, but I'm just stealing a lot from yours.

Greg said...

Hi Martin! I feel like I become a little more myself every day, particularly this summer.

I'm glad you're enjoying the soundtrack. Since I didn't write or perform any of those songs, it's not really theft, though, is it! Jazz is wonderful stuff, for sure. Can't wait to surf over and see which ones you selected!

MartininBroda said...

I have a little more practice on my English irony and I am glad you feel in this way (that is not ironic).

Rick said...

Gosh, what beautiful photos of the cape. I live near by (north of Boston) and have yet to get down there all season. I'll have to plan a trip now.

Thanks for sharing!


P.S. Nice blog.

RainforestRobin said...

My god, you are SO lucky being by the sea. As you know I miss it SO bad. I think you put these up here just to torture ME...just ME!!!! They are so lovely...sometime I have to move and be near the sea again. It is hypnotic and healing and rejuvenating and every wonderful. I love the big skies in the southwest and the perpetual sun but I miss the sea. I think it's time for you to say hi to the Atlantic for me again. I think it's missing ME!! LOL Just love your site Greg it is such a burst of joy and life to come here.