Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Lily bulbs are such amazing things. Each one contains everything that its resulting plant will be, down under the ground. I don't think I realized that until I had grown some perfect, first year bulb plants...and then, after nicking a bulb with a shovel while transplanting, saw the misshapen, lopsided plant that resulted. It's made me a very cautious digger, where lilies are concerned.

That wasn't what caused this unusual four-petaled stargazer lily flower, though. I think this was one of the bulbs in the mixed bag I purchased way back in early spring. They've all been short bloomers this year, which I think is more a product of their being smaller, second-rate bulbs (Six for four dollars was a bargain, after all).

In time, I'm sure they'll grow large and strong and tall...but meanwhile, I'm still delighted with these perfect-looking (to me) flowers and their heady fragrance!

Tomorrow is a day off and I'm looking forward to accomplishing a few assorted things with the precious time to myself. I've probably got in spent ten different ways with all I have in mind to possibly accomplish, but hopefully, one of the things I'll successfully complete would be the rescuing of my fence flags from the binding tendrils of the morning glories.

They need a little tough love, I think...though it's hard to be annoyed with such eager healthy plants. But it would be nice to see the flags flapping in the breeze once again.

That the morning glories match the magenta lychnis was unplanned, just one of those happy accidents. But then, when you welcome all the colors, some are bound to be the same.

I'm also fond of the pairing of the lychnis and the Queen Anne's lace, but then again, Anne looks good with just about everything!

It was odd to water the garden this morning. I haven't had to do so for about a week, with all the rain and overcast days, and I'd almost forgotten the routine it requires. But it was hot and sunny yesterday and the forecast called for more of the same today, so after an uncertain start, all went well and everything enjoyed a good drink.

I have also noticed (and added to that long list of Things To Do) that there are a number of things I do consider weeds, growing quite tall and robust, along the fence. I'll need to extract them as carefully as Java spoke of in her recent allegory, so as not to disturb their neighbors.

Meanwhile, I have some non-garden, non-blogging things that need tending to, as well, so we'll see what the day brings.

In another part of the forest, a pale pink bachelor's button came into bloom today. It was a sunny part of the "forest", though, as you can see. I didn't get out to take pictures quite as early as I might've liked, so the light was a little strong and washed out the already light color. Still, very pretty.

I think this pink pretty revealed something pretty interesting to me, as well. But I'll save that tale for another time.

These deep blue bachelor's buttons are still my favorite.


Jess said...

Lovely as always, but what's this about a day off? From what? I thought tending the garden is your job! :)

Greg said...

It'll be a day off from the job that pays the bills (well, most of them), Jess.

The gardening, fortunately, is its own reward. : )

dykewife said...

i keep meaning to mention...i used to tat (make lace) with a spool and hook. one of the things i became quite adept at making was "queen anne's lace". it's light and airy, like the flower. :)

Greg said...

I'll bet your lace queen annes were as lovely as the flower, Dykewife!

tornwordo said...

Love the blue. And I finally got out the hose and watered only to have it rain a half inch thirty minutes later. There was nothing on the radar and then poof, instant thunderstorm.

Greg said...

Ha ha ha ha!! A little rain dance on the morning after your anniversaire, eh? Hope it was a great day!

Anonymous said...

The stargazer lily is sooooo aromatic. It is almost overwhelming if you have them in a small room of the house. But they are very beautiful. Is there any credence to a lily's longevity if the anthers are removed? Or is it for cleanliness's sake? That pollen can be hard to get off clothes if the anther falls off.

Everything is filling in nicely!

Jenn Thorson said...

I love the delicate pale pink... Very nice. Those morning glories really do take over, don't they? I planted some years ago, and yet I still have a few that spring up to beat up my other plants. Hope you're able to extract the flag. :)

Java said...

What a lovely refreshing walk through the garden. Thank you. I am struck once again by the bold blue of this bachelor's button. The pink one is much more delicate-looking. And more morning glories! I like those. Hope they give up their hold on the flags without too much fight.

Alan Bamboo said...

Those lilies are really nice, I guess you don't have those red bugs that look like ladybugs eating them?

Butch said...

I like the very blue Bachelor's Buttons as well.

lostlandscape said...

My neighbors have morning glories that come visiting over the fence about this time of year. A few nips keeps it in check, I get to enjoy it, and I don't have to water it! And morning glories don't come in yellow! The perfect flower.

Curt Rogers said...

I thought there was nothing as perfect as the blue buttons but that pink is so striking I can't help but love it with all my heart, at least until you unveil a butter-colored one, or purple, or.....

Greg said...

Afod, the scent is amazing...but you're right; almost too strong for indoors. I don't think clipping the lilies makes them last longer...just keeps the pollen from spoiling those perfect, pale petals (or your shirt!). I always think they look a little naked, kinda, once you've trimmed them, tho.

Jenn, I did have to get out the pithe helmet as I tackled the jungle-like tangle of the morning glory...reminded me of your recent experiences in your PA rainforest!

Java, the morning glories were somewhat cooperative about my flag liberation efforts and not cutting was required...I'll need to keep an eye on them, but I'll have many more glories to show you as summer progresses!

Alan, sssshhh. I'm a little surprised that we haven't had to deal with the lily leaf beetle here--they were such a problem at the last place. Don't miss them, though.

Lost, some of the best morning glories are the neighbors!! Someday, they'll make a yellow one, and in the meantime, there's always the canary flower vine! ; )

Curt, there are some purple bachelor's buttons I've shown already. I think I'm still waiting on seeing maroon and white, if the seed package is correctly recalled.