Monday, July 30, 2007

Morning Rain

So, I've been misleading us all.

This morning, as thunder rolled low and long in the distance, I actually stooped to re-read the tag. These are grape tomatoes, not plum tomatoes as I recently told you. Oops.

Oh, and there's one less now than when this picture was taken. Yum.

I hastened through my morning prowl, passing on the watering duties, since the thunder was growing louder and sounding a bit closer. It didn't sound like I'd need to worry about the watering, after all.

There are numerous ungainly stalks of wild evening primrose (I will hopefully remember to pinch them back early next season, and see if I can get them to branch out more...)throughout the back beds. Every now and then, they offer a couple of these lovely yellow blossoms.

I found some apples of moderate size hanging on the one section of the apple tree which bloomed this all those bumblebees are doing their jobs well.

This new cosmos flower was just unfurling by the morning's gray light.

A second wave of butterfly flowers are coming into bloom this week, which is nice. I hope to scatter the seed in some new locations this year...I'd love to have more of these fantastic little plants blooming in the future.

So, this will sound like a fisherman's tale, but as I waiting for my camera to charge to take this photo of the meadow, a blue heron flew by along the shoreline.


Even though it escaped my lens, it was still a lovely sight.

As I headed down near the shoreline for a closer look, there was another crack of thunder and the skies opened up.

Never one to linger under tall trees or near great bodies of water during lightning storms, I headed into the house, where I waited things out.

It rained pretty heavily for a while, and then just as suddenly, the sun returned, and a few minutes later, the rain began to taper off.

From our small pond alongside the house, Lucy the redheaded koi brings a reminder that it is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

And tonight I'll send you off with what substituted for sunset at Rock Harbor this evening, as the tide came rolling in. The mosquitoes were having a good time, too.

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