Thursday, April 03, 2008

Beautiful sky this evening as Emily and I took our almost- nightly constit utional (which sounds so much nicer than saying "Em dragged me around the block", although that is essentially more true).

I must admit, I was taking pictures primarily because the silhouettes of the bare tree branches struck me...only later, did I discover a few things in the sky which were pretty interesting. For example, if you embiggen the top photo, there's something in the center of the sky, right up at the top of the image. I'm sure it was just the way the setting sun reflected off the clouds...but does it look a little like the Bat Signal to anyone else? I'm mean, I know it's not, obviously...there are hardly buildings tall enough to swing between here in Harwich.

And then there was this sort of arrowhead looking thing.

On the "back side" of the block, there's this tree (I'll have to wait for it to leaf out before I can attempt to properly name it); I just like the way it looked against the sky.

Not that I'm feeling particularly patriotic these days, but when I looked at the lower part of the image, I couldn't help seeing the American Flag up there in the red and blue clouds. All we'd need is a few stars to finish it off.

Anyway, it was a nice, walk around the block.

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